6 Plain Card Jungle Animal Face Masks - With Pencils & Crayons

6 Plain Card Jungle Animal Face Masks - With Pencils & Crayons, Colour in Create Your Own Design
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These card masks are supplied with lengths of elastic for you to attach to each mask. The masks can be coloured in, allowing you to create your own unique design masks! Or use them as a template to attach other (light) materials!

Each Pack comes with Crayons and colouring pencils

These masks will fit children (3 years+) and most of the designs will fit adults but the monkey mask may be a little small for grown ups. The lion mask is 18cm wide, the tiger mask is 19cm wide, the elephant is 23cm wide, the parrot is 19cm wide, the giraffe is 19cm wide and the monkey is 16cm wide. The elastic is cut to size and supplied unattached from the masks so that you can tie and adjust to the size required.

  • Set of 6 masks
  • Pack 6 Colouring Pencils
  • Pack 4 Crayons
  • CE approved and suitable for ages 3 years+

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