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Secret Santa!

It's that fun time again, coming up with a great secret santa gift, staying within budget and not getting the same as everyone else... We have some fantastic ideas here starting at just £1.99 Click here for Secret Santa Ideas Your Just a click away from inspiration .....  
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Planning a Panto? Oh yes You Are...

Elf-Hats Countdown to Christmas
Well it's Halloween and all outside is spooky, Creeky and Crazy! The kids are getting ready for their sugar rush, the hats coats and gloves are coming out after a super sunny summer and if your not back yet half term is almost over... and it's ........ The Countdown to Christmas, Ho! Ho! Ho!   Don't Forget the essentials, we have a fantastic range of Plastic, Card and Foam Children's animal masks, perfect for Panto Season! Click here to see the range..  
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Spooky Halloween Fun!

Well it's getting colder, apart from the strangely wamr sunny days we have been having that is, our guess is it must be the witches playing with the weather, Warm or Cold it time to get ready for Halloween which is just around the corner... Wether your looking for ways to SPOOK! up your home or some handy Trick or Treat Toys to avoid the sugar we have got you covered.. Pop by and have a look at our Halloween Range !    
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It's Safe to Slime from Blue Frog Toys!

Great News! It's still Time to Slime! We can confirm all our Slime and Putty Products are Safe and within all limits, CE tested. Following recent news reports we have checked every aspect of our supply chain and can confirm with confidence that our products are within the Boron safety limits outlined by EU safety standards and comply to EN71 parts 1,2,3, It Really is Time to Slime!
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It's Itty Bitty Toy Time!

Were excited to have the new range of Hallmark® Itty Bittys®  A great chance for our customers to collect characters from the vast range which covers, Star wars, Marvel, DC Comics and many more... Great Characters and Great Gift Ideas for all ages..  Take a look now ... 
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Summers Coming!

With the weather getting warmer, well some of the time and lots of sunny days we have a fantastic range of summer toys to keep the kids busy, from water pistols, bubbles galore as well as footballs, beach balls and lots more...  Check out our range of summer toys here.. Shop Now!
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World Book Day, What Will You Dress up as?

Now half term is over and your all back to school attention will start to turn to World Book Day! So many characters and so many ideas, what will you be dressing up as this year? We have dozens of plastic and foam animal masks to help you get into character. See our Range here
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Colour & Decorate Card Masks.. Update and New Lines

Since introducing our Colour and Decorate Masks in a mixed Jungle,  6 packs of Single Animal and 10 pack of Super Hero Mask many cusomters have added on crayons and colouring pencils so they have everything they need to keep the kids entertained. The Masks are great for Birthday Parties, Fancy Dress, World Book day events and just a rainy day actvity as all the lacks are under £2.50. We have now introduced a pack of 10 suoper hero and 6 mixed jungle anumal masks with the crayons and oencils included so you get everything at even better value.. And Still under £2.50 a pack. Happy Colouring.
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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Wishing all our cusomters, family and friends a fantastic Christmas and New year from everyoine at Blue Frog Toys!
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Black Friday Deals

Black Friday Deals  Use the Code BLKFR during checkout to apply the discount. Happy Shopping. 
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Radio Control Ready to Roll...

I hope everyone had a great school break and Halloween, we certainly had loads of visitors to the home pond last night with some fantastic consumes.  Now it's time to get back to the swing of tings and we have some amazing new Radio Control Toys in for Christmas, from an F1 Ferrari to a range of Porsche's , Range Rovers, BMW's and even a Bugatti Veyron or 2 for good measure. Our full range are fully licensed and offer fantastic value for money so why not pop by and see if we have the right car for you. Shop here
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Children's Animal Masks

At Blue Frog Toys we have a fun range of exclusively designed children's animal masks! Our in house team create the designs before we send them to our manufacturing partner for a sample run and then once approved we send them to our testing laboratory to ensure they meet the CE test standards required for the UK Toy Market, Once all this is done we manufacture, ship and get them on sale ready for your enjoyment. All our desings are registered and copyright protected, so you can be assured when you see your children using one of our fun masks or a group using our Children's Farm animal masks or Childrens Jungle animal mask packs that they are up to scratch.  Buy from our range of single masks, multi packs and mixed packs of masks here..    You will even find some Dinosaur    and Monster Masks   too!
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Don't Get Tricked, Give Great Treat's!

The nights are drawing in and were already in October which means we have the fun of Halloween and the spookiest night of the year...... We cant wait! Don't get caught out this year and why always give them tooth rotting sweets when you can get dozens of different pocket money toys starting at just 10p each.. shop now
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Spooky Halloween Toys n Treats

Check out our spooktastic range of Creepy Slimey Spooky Toys n Treats.. Click here for Treats!
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Back to School

Sorry that it's nearly back to school time already but great news for parents... we have some fantastic art & craft supplies with prices starting at just 20p so at least there's some good news for parents... Click here for more.. 
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Grow Your Own Pet's!

Great News at Blue frog Toys you can now let your kids grow their own pets including Unicorn's Crocodiles, T-Rex, Chicks, Owl, Penguin and Fairy... You can see the fun selection here  or visit the Pocket Money Toys section of the site..  Simply place the eggs in water and in 48 to 72 hours your new pet will hatch ready for your kids to play with.
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Great deals for Fundraising this summer!

Great deals for Fundraising this summer!
If your running a play scheme, school fundraiser or charity event this summer and need lots of little prizes you will find a host of great ideas in our Bigger Packs Pocket Money Toys page   Perfect for fundraising!
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Swing Batter!!

Swing Batter!!
Great ideas for the Garden, Beach School, Fundraising and so much more. We have 2 great Baseball set's on ofer for the Summer, Plastic for just £1.59 or Foam for £3.99. See the range here...
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Garden Fun For the Summer!

Garden Fun For the Summer!
At Blue Frog Toys we have some fantastic Garden, Beach or Park Games for the whole family.. Why not pop by to see what we have on offer.. Shop Now..  
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The Playground Craze "Spinners" are flying out in 6 colours..

The Playground Craze "Spinners" are flying out in 6 colours..
With the Kids going crazy for Fidget Finger Spinners we still have plenty left in lots of fantastic colours... Just £2.99 each...  
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