Scentos 6 Scented HB pencils with Erasers

SKU:22554 scentos 6 scented pencils
Scentos 6 Scented Pencils with Scented Erasers
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Pack of six scented HB pencils with matching erasers from Scentos.

Each pencil is decorated with a fruity design that its smell.

Simply touch the pencil to release the scent, then smell it and you'll detect one of six amazing aromas.

The scents included with this set are strawberry, orange, banana, green apple, blueberry and passion fruit.

  • Pack of six Scentos HB pencils
  • Each pencil has a distinct fruity scent
  • Strawberry, orange, banana, green apple, blueberry and passion fruit scents
  • Matching erasers for each pencil
  • Pencils 18cm

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